Sending Money

Beyonic uses the term “Payments” to refer to money (or prepaid airtime) that you send to a mobile subscriber. This differentiates money you send to mobile subscribers (aka Payments) from money you receive from mobile subscribers (aka Collections).

Beyonic provides the Payments API to enable you to send a payment to a mobile subscriber, or to view payments that you have previously sent to a mobile subscriber. See the Payments documentation below for more information.

Related Events


The “payment.status.changed” event is triggered whenever something happens to a payment that you have initiated.

For example, if it is successfully delivered or if it fails. You can configure a web link to receive notifications whenever this occurs.

This will allow you to respond automatically whenever a payment is completed or whenever it fails.

See our Webhooks API documentation for more information.

What’s Next

Read on to learn more about the Beyonic Payments API